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Media groups, Internet platforms, telcos: who will win?
Audiovisual sector is growing flat and seems to stay at this pace for a while – thereby creating huge challenges for the industry. The shift to online is only one of several disrupting factors.

Within our latest prospective study for TV & video industry we propose an analysis of the determining industry game changers within different scenarios for 2025.
Before drawing the scenarios, the report provides insights on trends for:

  • Market environment around the themes of regulation, technology, macrosociology and changing demand
  • Competitive developments, by separating intra-sectoral competition from competitive change between other players in the audiovisual chain or new entrants.

Then the study highlights the baseline scenario as well as three alternative scenarios taking in account uncertainties. Finally it stresses out the impacts on the value chain for each scenario with detailed market figures and forecasts for the audiovisual sector as a whole, as well as a breakdown by market segments – On-demand video, Linear TV and Home Video.