Soft Power, Hard Fight: The Chinese Online Game Market and Leading Vendors



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Still at a high-growth stage, the Chinese online game market value is expected to exceed 150 billion RMB in 2016, replacing the United States to become the world's largest online game market. The 90's generation has become the target customers in replacement of the 80's generation, and leading online game vendors have placed a higher emphasis on intellectual property rights. 

With the Chinese government opening up the Chinese game console market in early 2015, what potential opportunities will arise in the online game market? This report explores the market opportunities through the analysis of the development of China's top three game vendors: Tencent, NetEase, and Changyou. 
Table of Content

1. China as World's Second Largest Online Game Market; 

2. Tencent Rules Chinese Online Game Market; 
2.1 Pioneer in Mobile Game Market; 
2.2 Develops Star IP and Accelerates Global Investment; 
2.3 Into Console Game Market; 

3. NetEase Expands Ties with Blizzard Entertainment to Mobile Games; 
3.1 Distribution Rights for Blizzard Entertainment's Five Popular Games; 
3.2 Taps into Mobile Games in 2014; 

4. Changyou Remains Focused on Client-based Games; 
4.1 Cooperation with Taiwanese Softstar in Client-based and Mobile Games; 
4.2 Achievement in Animation and Literature IP; MIC Perspective; 

Appendix; Glossary of Terms; List of Companies
Table 1 Revenue Performance of China's Top 3 Online Game Vendors, 2014; 
Table 2 Development of China' Top Three Online Game Companies
Figure 1 Chinese Online Game Market Value, 2009 - 2014; 
Figure 2 Chinese Online Game Subscriber Base, 2009 - 2014