Investigation Report on China Insulin Detemir Market, 2010-2019



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As economy develops and living standards improve, Chinese people’s dietary pattern changes with heat, protein and fat coming from animals instead of vegetables, resulting in excess heat. Besides, people’s ignorance of diabetes and the drop in physical activities lead to obesity. Other factors like the ageing population also play a role in the rapid increase of diabetes incidence in China.

Ever since insulin determir came into being, it has brought hope to patients with diabetes and has played an important role in diabetes treatment. With the advances in diabetes studies, the appearance of insulin analogue again cast new light on diabetes treatment. Insulin analogues include short-acting insulin analogues, long-acting insulin analogues and premixed insulin analogues, among which long-acting insulin analogues consist of insulin glargine and insulin determir.

Insulin Detemir, a new long-acting soluble (avoiding the common side effects of non-solvent insulin) human insulin analogue, was made by Novo Nordisk through energetic engineering. It came into the American market in 2005 and brought in sales revenue of USD 2 billion around the world in 2014.

According to CRI’s market survey, insulin detemir develops fast after entering China in 2009, annual sales rising from less than CNY 3 million in 2010 to CNY 68 million in 2014 and CAGR during this period reaching up to 135%. Currently, insulin detemir market in China is monopolized by Novo Nordisk. The price range of 300 IU 3 ML insulin determir (one injection per package) in Chinese sample hospitals is CNY 193-205/package and there is little difference between citites.

The market size of insulin detemir in China is expected to keep growing in the next few years.

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