Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - A Catalyst for Developing Stringent Offshore Safety Policies and a Game Changer for the Offshore Oil Industry and BP Plc




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The US offshore industry has been hit by the disastrous oil spill, which has become the worst oil spill of the century. With expected liabilities of more than $50 billion, the oil spill has teh potential to change the US offshore industry as a whole. The spill has been catastrophic, to the extent that the US government has been forced to announce and impose tougher regulations and policies for US offshore deep water drilling and field services. This has led to uncertainty in the US offshore industry related to the risks and costs required for deepwater drilling once the stricter regulations are in place. In addition, the moratorium will hamper production in the Gulf of Mexico as well as other areas. This incident is also going to have serious implications for BP Plc's oil & gas business.


  • Analyses the impact of the GOM Oil Spill on the US Offshore Policy and Regulations
  • Provides information on the implications of tougher offshore oil & gas exploration and production regulations on the US offshore industry 
  • Analyses the cost pressures and disadvantages on the US offshore industry as a result of the oil spill 
  • Highlights the business implications for BP Plc after the disastrous oil spill.
Reasons to buy

  • Understand the impact of oil and gas offshore regulations on the US oil and gas industry as a result of the oil spill.
  • Understand the repercussions of the oil spill on the US offshore industry
  • Gain understanding of the impact of the new stricter offshore policies and regulations which the regulators plan to implement
  • Keep abreast of the business challenges of BP Plc post the Gulf of Mexico oil spill