Development and Market of Industrial Robot Industry in Globe and China



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Since 1979, global industrial robots had applied in production activities till today. Recent years, global industrial robots demand had steady growth; the quantity of industrial robot sold in 2013 was 179 thousand, which is 12% growth YOY.

European industrial robot market sales scale rise 5% YOY in 2013; over 100 thousand industrial robot had installed in Asia and Australia in 2013. The growth in America was 8% YOY, and 700 industrial robots sold in Africa, which is 87% growth YOY. Base on IFR’s latest statistics, 370 thousand industrial robots were imported in China in 2013, accounted for 1/5 of the global sales, 60% growth YOY; China has taken place Japan become the biggest robot importer over the world. AskCI predicts, it is good opportunity for industrial robot manufacturing businesses to expand due to industrial robot demand will raise 15%-20% yearly.