Special Report on Chinas Asphalt Industry Chain in 2015



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According to the statistics, the output of China’s asphalt was about 19.94 million tonnes in 2013, up 9.71% YoY. From Jan. to Nov. 2014, China’s total import volume of asphalt reached 3.81 million tonnes, reaching the highest level. Among them, the July and August monthly import volume exceeded 400 thousand tonnes respectively. Leading to a surge of imported asphalt was mainly due to long-term prices remain relatively low of South Korea, Singapore and other import brands asphalt in 2014, little spread with domestic asphalt, even lower than domestic price of asphalt in some period of time.

I-1 Price of Crude Oil
I-1.1 Futures Price and Spot Price
I-1.2 Basis of Domestic Crude Oil
I-1.3 Profit and Loss of Imported Crude Oil in China
I-2 Supply of Crude Oil
I-2.1 Output of Crude Oil in the Globe
I-2.2 Reserves of Crude Oil in China
I-2.3 Import of Crude Oil in China
I-2.4 EIA Crude Oil Inventories
I-3 Demand of Crude Oil
I-3.1 Crude Oil Consumption in OECD member Countries
I-3.2 Processing Volume of China’s Crude Oil
I-3.3 Export of Domestic Crude Oil

II-1 Price of Asphalt
II-1.1 Basis of Domestic Asphalt
II-1.2 Ex-factory Price of Asphalt
II-1.3 Price of Imported Asphalt
II-2 Apparent Consumption of Asphalt
II-2.1 Apparent Consumption
II-2.2 Output of Asphalt in Major Refinery
II-3 Inventory of Asphalt

III-1 Road
III-1.1 Situation of Investment in Fixed Assets on Road Construction
III-1.2 Domestic Road Mileage
III-2 Real Estate and Construction
III-2.1 Situation of Investment in Real Estate Development
III-3 Substitute Product
III-3.1 Price of Coal Tar Pitch in Domestic