Make in India: Is Following China a Good Strategy?



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The Chinese Dragon and India Tiger are both running to the future. China hopes to improve its regional clout by launching the "One Belt One Road" (OBOR) initiative while India aims to lure more foreign manufacturers with its "Make in India" campaign. By following China's success, India expects to attract foreign investments in the manufacturing industry, thereby driving up worker payrolls and improving domestic consumption power. Can India "make" its way to prosperity? This report analyzes its strategy from the perspective of ICT industry.

1. China Begins to Leave India Behind Since 1991

2. China as the World's Factory of ICT Products

3. Difficult to Migrate Deep-Rooted ICT Supply Chains From China into India

4. India's New Path to Success: Hardware/Software Integration
Figure 1: China vs India GDP Growth, 1990 – 2014
Figure 2: ICT Industry Value Chain Regarding International and Regional Branded Vendors
Figure 3: Difficult for India to Copy China's Success as the World's Factory