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GBI Researchs new report, Top Ten Global Energy Trends in 2011 analysis the global energy industry in the current scenario and provides an outlook for 2011. The report covers the analysis and key statistics on the crude oil, natural gas, refining, unconventional oil and gas sector, power and other related sectors. 

The report has global geographical scope. It also covers the impact of the GOM oil spill on the oil and gas industry. The report analyses the rise of the unconventional oil and gas sector. It also covers the alternative fuels industry such as biofuels and also the clean technology industry. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Research's team of industry experts.

In 2009, global energy consumption was at 11.05 Btoe (billion tonnes of oil equivalent), which was a decrease of 2.2% from 11.3 Btoe in 2008. The global financial crisis, followed by the global economic slowdown, resulted in a decreased demand for products. This had a negative impact on energy consumption toward the end of 2008 which continued throughout 2009. The developed economies were the most affected by the economic slowdown, explaining the decline in energy consumption in these countries. 

However, the high economic growth in the emerging economies, such as India and China, sustained the demand for energy in 2009. After the 2009 slump, the global economies recovered, thereby increasing energy consumption in 2010. The total global energy consumption was about 11.26 Btoe in 2010 with a growth rate of 1.9% from 2009.


The report analyses market opportunities and challenges in the global pipeline industry. Its scope includes - 

  • Key geographies including Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America and South and Central America.
  • Qualitative analysis of key success factors and trends in the global energy industry including oil and gas, refining, power and related sectors
  • Key statistics on global energy consumption, global capital expenditure in the oil and gas industry by sub sector and company type, refining capacity, biofuel market, etc. to 2011
  • Global oil and gas and biofuel market merger and acquisition and deal analysis by deal type is included
  • Effect of the US Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the oil and gas industry
  • Success of the unconventional oil and gas sector and the outlook for 2011 is analysed
  • Effect of the delay in implementation of the carbon emission laws on the renewable energy sector in analysed

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