Generic Growth Strategies - Manufacturers to Increase Focus on Super Generics and Biosimilars to Drive Revenues



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GBI Research has released its research Generic Growth Strategies - Manufacturers to Increase Focus on Super Generics and Biosimilars to Drive Revenues. It provides a comprehensive overview of the generic drugs market, analysis of upcoming noteworthy patent expirations, and trends and issues facing the generics market. 

The report delves into much detail on the current landscape; changes that have structured the generic drugs market in the last 30 years; and the reason behind the players urgency in developing and implementing generic growth strategies. The report also contains impact analysis of the regulatory landscape in the major geographies pertaining to the generic drugs market. Major strategies adopted by the leading companies in the generic drugs market have been analyzed in much detail, along with an elaborate company portfolio and strategic analysis of leading generic players. 

This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Researchs team of industry experts. GBI Research has found that the pharmaceutical industry in general and the generics sector in particular have turned out to be highly competitive of late. There is rampant consolidation; novel business models are developing, such as hybrid models between generic and innovator companies; and generics companies partnering with third-party sales teams to increase growth. 

The benefits from these partnerships are wide ranging for the generics companies, from higher access to research and development capabilities and innovator drugs access to wider penetration in new markets.


The scope of this report includes - 

  • Detailed study of generic growth strategies with special emphasis on strategies which help in combating intensive competition.
  • Analysis of the major strategies adopted by companies looking to expand geographical reach.
  • Case studies of successful generic growth strategies.
  • Competitive profiling of leading companies. The key companies studied in this report are Teva, Sandoz, Hospira, Watson, Mylan, Perrigo, STADA, DRL, Par, Apotex and Actavis.
Reasons to buy

The report will enhance your decision making capability. It will allow you to - 

  • Build understanding of the key generic growth strategies in place and the trends in the market
  • Optimize your R&D pipeline through identification and understanding of the key strategy for your drug.
  • Identify the key players best positioned to capitalize on their products through effective management of their patented products.
  • Develop effective business strategies related to generic drugs through the analytical insight gained from case studies covering different strategies in the market.