Top 10 Healthcare Trends in 2011



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GBI Research has released its latest report, Top 10 Healthcare Trends in 2011 that provides key data, information and analysis of the major trends in the biopharmaceutical and medical devices industry. The report provides a comprehensive insight into the ten major trends in the biopharmaceutical and medical devices industry in 2011. A detailed analysis of each of the major trends is presented in the report. 

Major trends in the medical and pharmaceutical industry covered in the report include: Refurbished Systems: Soft Hospital Spending Drives Demand for Refurbished Medical Devices and Capital Equipment, Hospital Information Systems: Government Aid and Cost Savings Driving Development and Adoption, Big Medical Device Companies Turn to Life Sustaining Product Portfolio For Growth, The Regulatory Ecosystem: Changes in the US and Europe to impact industry, 

The Large Pharmaceutical Companies are Diversifying through Inorganic Growth, Trends in Oncology (the most promising therapeutic market segment) - Market size, forecasts, pipeline analysis, profiles of the most promising molecules under development for each of the major cancer therapeutic segments, Reduction of healthcare costs and drug safety issues will remain the main focus of regulatory authorities and biopharmaceutical industries, Upcoming Sales & Marketing Models will offset the issues/pitfalls of traditional models, Outsourcing Will Remain the Key Strategy for Biopharmaceutical Companies: CRO, CMO And Drug Discovery Outsourcing Will Continue to Grow at a greater pace, and Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act, 2009 Opens the Gates for Approval of Biosimilars in the US This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in house analysis by GBI Researchs team of industry experts.


The report analyses the major trends in biopharmaceutical and medical devices market along with the major forces driving the current market and the potential challenges that can restrain the growth. The scope of the report includes - 

  • Detailed overview of strategies and trends of pharmaceutical and medical device industry in 2010.
  • Annualized market data, forecast and pipeline analysis for oncology, along with profiles of promising pipeline molecules in lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, non-hodgkins lymphoma and prostate cancer.
  • Detailed overview of outsourcing strategies and models employed by major pharmaceutical companies and Key strategies and upcoming regulatory changes affecting the industry.
  • Overview of the upcoming sales and marketing models in the industry.
  • Focus of pharmaceutical industry on healthcare cost reduction and its implications
  • Analysis of the regulatory system in the US and Europe.
  • Analysis of the key segments that are gaining attention from medical device companies.
  • Analysis of partnership deals in 2010 along with segmentation by indication, deal type, geography and companies
  • Analysis of M&A deals in 2010 along with segmentation by value geography and companies

Reasons to buy

  • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies by identifying the key therapeutic areas for high growth and high opportunities.
  • Understand the factors shaping the pharmaceutical and medical devices market.
  • Exploit partnership and acquisition opportunities by identifying the therapy areas/products that could fill the portfolio gaps.
  • Align your product portfolio to the markets with high growth potential.
  • Identify and develop better strategies and models to ensure better marketing and sales of products.
  • Understand the changes in regulatory system and upcoming regulatory models to effectively design clinical trials and/or ensure fast approval of drugs and devices.
  • Analyze the trends in licensing and M&A deals and explore potential investment opportunities
  • Understand upcoming trends that are poised to drive growth in pharmaceutical and medical devices industry