Consumer and Innovation Trends in Craft Beer




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Craft beer has captured the attention of the industry and the imagination of consumers worldwide. Despite representing only a small proportion of the overall beer category, its popularity and influence is gaining momentum as consumer needs evolve and increasingly align with the values and benefits offered by craft beers.

Understand the concerns and priorities driving demand for craft beer with consumer insight analysis that covers 23 countries globally.

Draw inspiration from case studies and product examples throughout the brief that showcase best-in-class innovations in craft beer.

A dedicated future-focused analysis explores what is next for craft beer and what this could mean for the wider alcoholic beverage sector.

What is the appeal of craft beer? Does the absence of a standard definition impact its appeal?

Who is driving growth in craft beer and how is this likely to change over the next few years?

How can I apply the TrendSights framework to the craft beer segment? Which sub-trends are most aligned with what is happening in craft beer?

What are some of the potential opportunities and strategic considerations that craft brewers need to be aware of in order to plan for the future?

Key Highlights
Craft beer drinkers can be categorized into six different segments based on their personalities and motivations for consuming craft beer. An understanding of these segments is fundamental in order to gain insight into how different consumers interpret the "craft" label and to position offerings accordingly.

Beer has displaced wine as the alcoholic drink of choice for on-trade meal occasions. The quality and breadth of flavors that craft beer offers has made beer a more exciting complement to food. However, sampling and education is needed to ensure that drinkers see craft beer as a credible alternative to wine rather than a transient restaurant fad.

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel