Cosmeceuticals: Bridging the Gap Between Pharmaceuticals and Beauty




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Consumers are increasingly efficacy-driven in their purchasing decisions and highly appearance-conscious. This is leading to the need for topical solutions that can cure perceived flaws in their appearance. Opportunities now therefore exist for beauty systems that feature clinically inspired ingredients, functions, and credentials in order to capitalize on these evolving consumer demands.

Explains what is driving the cosmeceutical trend, including the impact of a "selfie" culture and aversion to invasive cosmetic procedures.

Offers insight into the latest trends in cosmeceutical innovation including medicated beauty and expansion of this trend beyond skincare.

Provides insight based on results from Canadean Consumer's latest research, including the 2014 Q4 consumer survey.

What are the key drivers influencing cosmeceutical innovation?

Which product categories are being most impacted by the cosmeceutical trend, and which ones are emerging?

Going forward, what are some of the potential opportunities and key considerations for cosmeceutical brands in future innovation?

Key Highlights
Cosmeceuticals have often been associated with the skincare space. However, this is now changing due to the expansion of more appearance-related concerns beyond the skin. Clinically inspired approaches are now being adopted in new categories such as haircare, nail care, and even fragrances.

Aversion to invasive and more aggressive treatments is prompting cosmeceutical innovation to simulate similar functions, harness ingredients previously only available in cosmetic surgery, and develop novel packaging approaches.