The Future Forms of Alcohol




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Canadean Consumer provides strategic insight that analyzes disruptive innovations and the likelihood of success if exploring these new routes. This document outlines three game-changing non-liquid alcohol forms, their potential pitfalls, and routes for successful entry into the market.

Use Canadean Consumer's insightful analysis to inspire innovation in alcohol form.

Compare alcohol concepts and their pitfalls to stay ahead of the game.

View consumer responses based on Canadean Consumer's global survey data to understand the real-world applications of such concepts.

How do I innovate in the alcohol category?

What are the threats to my alcoholic beverages that I need to know about?

How can consumer perceptions and interests be met through new alcoholic products?

Key Highlights
The relationship between science and drinks is ever-developing, and technical innovations are having a more visible impact on consumable products, opening consumers up to a host of novel and more convenient forms. In alcoholic beverages, a recent focus on the physicality of alcohol has brought up the question of what form alcohol will take next.

Consumer awareness of the dangers that alcohol poses is high, both with regards to the individual and for society as a whole. Encouragingly, the average consumer has a neutral, if not slightly positive, view of the industry's efforts to fight underage drinking and provide on-pack communication about the dangers of alcohol.