Flavor Appeal in Vodka




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This report provides an understanding of the most appealing flavor types within the vodka category and outlines consumer preferences for individual flavors in this market. It highlights key opportunities for flavor innovation within the category by offering a "deep dive" into regional and demographic-specific nuances using insight from Canadean Consumer's 2015 Q2 global survey.

Includes proprietary data from Canadean Consumer's 2015 Q2 global survey.

Offers a "deep dive" into demographic and regional nuances in flavor preferences for vodka products.

Provides inspiration from product examples that showcase best-in-class flavor innovations in vodka.

Delivers insight into the appeal of individual flavors within popular flavor groups in the vodka category.

Which flavor type in vodka is the most appealing to consumers?

Which countries and demographics present opportunities for flavor innovation in vodka products?

What factors encourage trial of new vodka flavor variants? Does this vary by age?

How does the appeal of individual flavors stack up against each other within a flavor type?

Key Highlights
Unusually, consumers aged 3554 are the most experimental audience overall typically experimental customers are younger. This is perhaps due to greater exposure to alternative flavor combinations historically.

The market is showing interest in novel iterations of favored products; for example, introducing basil to strawberry vodka, or pea to mint vodka. These more savory offerings align with wider cocktail trends and allow consumers to be creative with their alcoholic beverages at home.