Personal Care Opportunities in Emerging Markets




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Our study of macroeconomic indicators illustrates why the BRIC states hold such potential. However, our analysis also reveals the next most attractive emerging markets for personal care manufacturers. Indeed, this report measures and analyzes the opportunities present in 25 key emerging markets across seven personal care categories.

Examine the value and growth of seven personal care sectors across 25 emerging markets.

Assess the market attractiveness of 25 emerging markets using our proprietary ranking methodology.

Understand how market size/growth, per capita spend, population, market intensity, and social structure drives attractiveness.

Identify key trends and opportunities in selected emerging markets.

What are the most attractive emerging personal care markets and why?

Which of the 25 markets assessed present the most opportunity / risk for personal care manufacturers?

Which personal care categories are most attractive and which trends are most apparent?

How do the individual countries compare as investment opportunities?

Key Highlights
Beyond the BRIC states and also Mexico, the second tier of markets includes South Africa, South Korea, Argentina, Poland, and Turkey which together account for 16% of the overall emerging markets value. Although smaller in market size, Venezuela and Argentina are expected to register soaring growth over the forecast period.

China and India present considerable opportunity simply due to their population size. But these markets are most open to manufacturers looking to sell low-cost products in large volumes. Premium products will fare better in markets with high per capita spend on personal care products such as the UAE, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

In terms of consumption, Nigeria ranks second out of the 25 emerging countries assessed. Its high potential is driven by its formidable population base of 169 million, which is growing at an annual rate of 2.8%. Its rising income levels make Nigeria one of the promising markets for personal care manufacturers.