Content Marketing Strategies for FMCG




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Using traditional marketing and advertising channels, FMCG manufacturers can no longer automatically connect with consumers, who are less willing to accept what they are told. Instead, the focus should be on finding and feeding the interest and enthusiasm that customers have, where they have it. This report examines how content marketing can offer a solution.

Analyze the driving forces behind the rise of content marketing.

Understand the potential of content marketing through insightful case studies drawn across a range of formats and brand types.

Identify risks and opportunities in deploying content marketing.

Analyze the driving forces behind the rise of content marketing.

What is content marketing and how can it be used effectively?

Why is content marketing so relevant in today's media and marketing environment?

What businesses have managed to deliver content marketing well and what can we learn from those who have struggled?

What are the risks that manufacturers need to be aware of and how will content marketing evolve over the next few years?

Key Highlights
In November 2013, Coca-Cola replaced its corporate website with "Journey", an online publication with dynamic content which changes to match readers' interests. Coca-Cola's activity also shows how it is possible to make the most of a rich brand story idea and to use it to inspire aligned content in many different formats.

Red Bull demonstrates the extreme to which content marketing can be taken. It has developed expertise in producing high energy drinks; it also has great expertise in bringing to life experiences that represent what the brand is about. Capturing these experiences forms the basis of the content it offers to its audience.

In the drive to succeed in capturing an audience, we will also see the "nichification" of content. In order to keep consumers' interest, businesses will need to invest in a particular area. This is a way of becoming an authority on a topic and capturing an audience.