UK Pet Insurance: Distribution and Marketing



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The UK pet insurance market remains a reasonably consolidated space. While a plethora of pet-focused provider and affinity brands exist in the market, only a handful of underwriters sit behind them and command this sphere. The influence of a dominant set of brands sway the balance of policy distribution in the market.

Gain insight into the preferred distribution channels and the advertising platforms insurers are using to complement their distribution strategies.
Effectively engage your customers by investing in the distribution methods preferred by different customer groups.
Ensure that your distribution strategy is adapted to the threats and opportunities created by comparison sites.
Build an understanding of the top pet insurance brands and their importance for partnerships.

What are the key distribution channels for pet insurance, and how are they being influenced by comparison sites?
What are the preferred methods of arranging pet insurance among customers?
Which pet insurance providers spent the most on marketing in H1 2013, and which platforms did they advertise on?

Key Highlights
The pet insurance market has become an increasingly consolidated market, with the top three underwriters accounting for over 75% of the markets GWP and approaching two thirds of brand selection by surveyed consumers.

Consumers of pet insurance are far more likely to seek advice from friends and family ahead of purchasing. This need may also be satisfied by unknown but like-minded pet owners. Insurers should harness this through highlighting customer testimonials. The most effective way to achieve this is through a presence on social media channels.