Investigating General Insurance Add-ons



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This brief looks at take-up of add-on cover in the home and car insurance markets, examining the level of consumer understanding regarding the extra cover they have purchased and whether they have claimed. It considers whether or not the FCA is correct to be concerned, and explores the issues that need to be addressed.

Identify demand for add-on products in home and car insurance.
Understand the issues the FCA has with the sale of add-on products.

Do consumers buying home and car insurance understand the extra cover they are buying?
Is the FCA right to be concerned about the sale of add-on insurance products?

Key Highlights
The high percentage of consumers adding extra cover to their car and home contents policies highlights that for the majority of consumers the basic policy does not meet their insurance needs.

Overall the perceived understanding of add-on cover is much higher within the car insurance market, where a large proportion of policy owners know what they are buying.