Home Emergency Insurance 2015



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This report explores the key developments within the UK home emergency market. It focuses on the market composition, the level of competition, and future prospects. Furthermore, it examines the regulatory measures by the FCA concerning the sale of add-ons and selling practices.

Gain helpful insight into the competitiveness of the market.
Assess the market dynamics of home emergency insurance and future growth.
Discover the marketing strategies employed by market participants.

What is the level of competition experienced in the market?
Which measures has the FCA proposed and what does it aim to achieve?
How is the market performing and what are its future prospects?

Key Highlights
The regulatory authorities view the use of add-ons as being a key instrument in the mis-selling of home emergency cover, resulting in customers being locked in to needless insurance policies.

British Gas and HomeServe remain the two key providers for home emergency products, with large numbers of customers still using their services for insuring their property against unforeseen risks.