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The past few years have been momentous for commercial insurance broker Arthur J. Gallagher, which, after purchasing several smaller broker firms, has seen its revenues increase significantly. Gallagher now has a brokerage of 603.5m a substantial increase on the 347.6m generated in the previous year (2013).

An in-depth analysis of Arthur J. Gallagher and the operations that have helped the firm substantially improve its revenues.
Discover how Gallagher plans to develop operations and business practices in its post-acquisition phase.

What is the value of Arthur J. Gallagher's brokerage now after making several major acquisitions?
Which firms did Gallagher buy?
Are acquisitions the only way for commercial insurance brokers to substantially improve revenues?
What will happen in Gallagher's post-acquisition phase?
Is business integration next on the agenda for Gallagher?

Key Highlights
2014 saw one of the biggest changes to the broker hierarchy for several years. While there have been some movements within the ranks of the top five brokers since the turn of the millennium, the hierarchy has remained largely unchanged.

Gallagher's company acquisitions, coupled with organic growth, have added 256m to its brokerage and resulted in the firm quickly rising up the IMAS UK broker rankings.