HSBC Advance Case Study



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Banks need to stand out and persuade customers that they have made the right choice in trusting them with their finances. This is key among the mass affluent. With the widespread recognition that the mass affluent are an attractive target segment, HSBC stands to benefit from its well-defined proposition.

Understand the HSBC Advance proposition and what it offers to customers.
Find out which features of the HSBC Advance offering make it attractive to the mass affluent.
Discover what banks can do to meet the needs of and attract the mass affluent.

How can you position a bank account to make it attractive to affluent consumers?
How has HSBC been successful in attracting affluent consumers?
How could banks go further and be innovative to better serve this segment?

Key Highlights
Mass affluent consumers provide greater potential for revenue generation.

HSBC Advance fits neatly between the bank's mass market and HNW offerings.

HSBC builds trust with its customers. Engaging the customer based on their needs early on in the relationship is critical. HSBC provides expert and specialist knowledge, backed by a longstanding brand.