Competitor Market Shares and Developments in the Australian Payment Card Market



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The Australian payment card competitive landscape continued to develop in 2012 and experienced a very slight slowdown. This report highlights the position of the main competitors in the Australian payment card market by exploring their performance in the credit, debit, and charge card spaces.

Benchmark Australian issuers across metrics including number of cards, frequency of use, transaction value, and balances outstanding.
Gain insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors at the issuer level, from Verdict Financial's Financial Services Consumer Insight Survey.
Know the competition with real-world examples of the strategies being followed by the market's leading players.
Futureproof your strategy with Verdict Financial's analysis of key market developments and what these activities will mean for the payment card market.
Learn about how new payment technologies and how developments in this space will influence market dynamics for the Australian cards market.

Who are the key players in the debit, credit, and charge card markets? How are they adapting to changes within the wider market?
Who is gaining market share and who is losing?
What strategies are issuers employing to address the changing market environment to meet consumer needs?
What are the products launched in Australia that address the needs of different niche segments?
What can be done in the Australian cards market to gain further market share?

Key Highlights
New product launches in Australia can be split into two key tranches: premium cards that target affluent individuals, and new cards with specific features that target other niche consumer segments.

In 2011 and the first half of 2012, new product developments outside the major banks were mainly targeted at niche consumer needs. Two of the new products highlighted here are the Jetstar Travel Card and GE Money's Gem Visa.

New technologies have played an important role in shaping the direction of the financial services industry over the past decade, and will continue to play an even greater role in the future of payments.