Online Banking: Sizing the Global Market Opportunity



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Increasingly consumers see online banking as an essential feature of their bank's proposition. In most countries the branch is no longer the automatic choice of channel as consumers have embraced the convenience offered by online banking. This report sizes the market opportunity for online banking in countries at various different stages of online banking maturity.

Discover how the characteristics of the online banking market vary across different countries.
Identify the most effective strategies for maximizing the value of online banking in five key global markets.
Refine the design of your online banking platform by learning the key consumer demands from this channel.
Boost customer retention by identifying the core target customers for the online channel.
Raise online banking use by understanding core consumer objections.

What are the opportunities in the online banking market in key countries globally?
What lessons can countries with less devolved online banking markets learn from providers in advanced countries?
What are the benefits of creating a targeted online banking strategy?
What differentiates markets with high levels of online banking usage from those with intermediate or low usage?
What are the drivers of, and barriers to, online banking adoption?

Key Highlights
There are a number of benefits of moving towards a targeted online banking strategy, including lower costs for the provider, greater convenience for the customer, and increased effectiveness of marketing.

Providers need to rethink their online banking strategies. Banks need to do more to engage customers who do most of their banking online, update their legacy infrastructure systems, and encourage higher rates of online applications when opening products and services.

Markets globally fall into four levels of online banking adoption: devotee, advanced, intermediate, and undersized. Consumer attitudes, existing online services, and the state of internet infrastructure influence the recommended strategies for developing the online channel in each market.