Mobile Wealth Management: Defining the Market Opportunity



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Most leading wealth managers have begun offering wealth apps to clients or advisors. The opportunity to incorporate the mobile channel is extensive and spans both client-facing and internal roles. Regardless of what function they provide, mobile wealth management tools should focus on enhancing the client-advisor relationship, eliminating the problems of distance and time pressures.

Obtain clarity regarding the scope of the mobile channel in the private wealth management market.
Plan your strategy effectively by understanding the potential, and pitfalls, of using the mobile channel to service HNW clients.
Understand the role that mobile will play in wealth managers' business models going forward.

What are mobile wealth management apps? What sets them apart from mobile banking apps?
What role can mobile play in servicing high-value clients?
Where will mobile apps generate the highest returns for wealth managers?

Key Highlights
With the development of the 4G standard and the added capacity that this will provide, wealth managers will have greater scope to use the mobile channel to assist an even wider array of functions and roles.

Most wealth managers have taken to keeping their apps fairly lean in terms of functionality, focusing on three to four key functions. This keeps development costs relatively low and has the additional benefit that a simpler app is likely to be more stable and reliable, generating a better customer experience.