Mobile Wealth Management: Sizing the Global Opportunity



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Asia Pacific represents the largest market for wealth management apps currently, with a relatively high proportion of affluent individuals who are open to using the technology. Almost a quarter of private wealth managers plan to roll out mobile solutions for their advisors in the next two years.

Target the right products at the right opportunities by seeing exactly which investors have the biggest appetite for mobile wealth management.
Plan your strategy effectively by understanding the potential, and pitfalls, of using the mobile channel to service HNW clients.
Understand the role that mobile will play in wealth managers' business models going forward.

What is the user experience that affluent investors have with mobile apps in conducting their finances today?
What role can mobile play in servicing high-value clients?
Where will mobile apps generate the highest returns for wealth managers?
Which markets are most ready for mobile wealth apps?

Key Highlights
Based on the current population of affluent investors around the world, varying smartphone penetration, and the use of banking apps by different wealth segments, the current client base for wealth management apps is estimated to amount to 64.1 million affluent investors across the world.

The market for advisor apps is not as well defined as that of mobile wealth management apps for clients, but it clearly has the potential to be a major force in the market. According to Verdict Financial's 2012 Global Wealth Managers Survey, almost a quarter of wealth managers plan to introduce an app for their advisors over the next two years.

When looking at app usage among affluent individuals in other parts of financial services such as transactional banking, it quickly becomes apparent that clients who use the mobile channel most frequently are likely to interact more with the bank through other channels.