The Global HNW Expat Market



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Be it for lifestyle, work, retirement, or tax efficiency reasons, more and more HNW individuals are leaving their home countries to start a new life abroad. Verdict Financial estimates that expats constitute 12% of HNW individuals globally. This represents a significant customer segment and opportunity for wealth managers to target a desirable group with tailored product suites.

Analyze the HNW expat market in 24 global wealth markets including Australia, the UK, Singapore, the UAE, and the US.
Understand how to target HNW expats most effectively.
Gain a better understand of HNW expats' reasons for migrating to another country.
Understand best-practice examples from competitors within the HNW expat market.

What is the size and composition of the global HNW expat market, and how should it be targeted?
Which destination countries are most popular among HNW expats and why?
What are the motivations behind HNW individuals relocating to another country?
How does product provision differ between different countries in the HNW expat space?

Key Highlights
Constituting 19% of the global HNW expat population or almost 190,000 individuals, non-resident Indians represent a particularly lucrative target market. However, wealth managers need to be aware that, while sharing the same background, NRIs are not necessarily a homogenous segment, and require different onboarding strategies.

HNW expats' choice of destination mostly depends on their motivation to emigrate. Globally, business start-ups represent the most common reasons, suggesting that wealth managers need to be able to assist their clients during the start-up phase.

Being able to provide auxiliary services represents an effective means to reach out to new clients. For example, HNW individuals are likely to seek professional help when moving to a new country. If a bank is able to provide such a service, there is a huge opportunity to pick up new business.