Discretionary Mandates: Implications for Wealth Managers



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Demand for discretionary mandates remains very uneven across the world. Europe and the US still account for the bulk of the market, but the majority of the growth in discretionary assets will come from developing markets in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Private wealth managers will have to ensure that their propositions appeal to both established and developing markets.

Analyze the global market for discretionary mandates in 20 key HNW markets, including Australia, the UK, and the US.
Interpret trends in HNW demand for discretionary mandate services.
Understand best-practice examples from leading discretionary asset managers.

In which countries is the demand for discretionary mandates the greatest?
Where will discretionary asset management see the greatest growth in demand?
What features do HNW individuals look for in their discretionary investments?
What investments do wealth managers need to make to shape their offerings effectively?

Key Highlights
The trend for discretionary asset management provides an opportunity to increase the steady fee income that is one of the key business benefits of discretionary mandates. This is not to say that there will not be challenges; wealth managers need to take care to invest in those areas that will see the most growth in HNW client demand.

Investments in mobile and online access are key for wealth managers looking to grow, and constant improvements to the service are required. At the same time as these investments in functionality are made for clients, discretionary services will have to become more efficient and cost effective as margins remain pressured.