Advisory Mandates: Implications for Wealth Managers



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Demand for advisory mandates across the world is very uneven, reflecting different market conditions and product preferences. Penetration in Europe and Asia Pacific remains considerably below that found in other parts of the world, but over the next two years demand is expected to be most pronounced in the Americas and Asia Pacific. However, competition is expected to remain fierce globally.

Analyze the global market for advisory mandates in 20 key HNW markets, including Australia, the UK, and the US.
Interpret trends in HNW demand for advisory mandate services.
Understand best practice examples from leading advisory asset managers.
Learn about the size of your target group and which market will grow fastest over the next two years.

In which countries is the demand for advisory mandates the greatest?
Where will advisory asset management see the greatest growth in demand?
What is driving demand for advisory asset management in different countries?
How can wealth managers remain competitive in a mature market?

Key Highlights
Demand for advisory mandates is forecast to be strongest in the ultra-high net worth space, and wealth managers looking to capitalize on this should tailor their advisory proposition to the particular needs of this segment.

The global financial crisis has resulted in HNW individuals questioning the value of advice, making it essential to communicate a clear value proposition and have a transparent and straightforward fee structure in place.

HNW individuals are becoming more demanding, often regarding advisory mandates as not comprehensive enough, which ultimately tempers demand. Consequently, providers should consider offering a wider range of services (such as tax and inheritance advice) as part of their overall advisory proposition.