HNW Offshore Investments: Booking Center Preferences



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2013 was a good year for the global offshore market, which impressed with strong growth. However, the dynamics of offshore markets are shifting and the traditional centers are diminishing in importance, while the so-called midshore centers, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, are rising rapidly in prominence.

Draws on Verdict Financial's proprietary 2014 Global Wealth Managers Survey to present consistent data across more than 20 markets.
Utilizes Verdict Financial's Global Offshore Investments Analytics to compare the performance of different offshore centers over time.
Accompanied by an online interactive dashboard to enable users to select and view the data of their choosing.

Which are the largest offshore centers? And how does this break down by asset class?
How does the performance of the offshore centers compare and what is driving this performance?
How much wealth do HNW individuals hold offshore and how does this vary by country?
What are the preferred centers for HNW offshore investments and how does this vary by country?

Key Highlights
2013 was a particularly strong year for the offshore market. Non-resident liquid assets in the 10 largest booking centers for each asset class recorded a growth rate of 8.6% over 2012 the highest rate since 2010.

HNW individuals across the world hold an average of 17.9% of their liquid wealth offshore. Mass affluent individuals are less likely to hold wealth offshore.

At a global level the US, Singapore, and Switzerland are the most important booking centers for HNW offshore wealth.