HNW Offshore Investments: Drivers and Motivations



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Offshore investments are often considered synonymous with tax avoidance and client anonymity, yet at a global level these drivers lie second to global diversification of HNW portfolios. Other reasons why HNW individuals invest offshore include access to a superior range of investments, and having formerly lived in the offshore center.

This report draws on our 2014 Global Wealth Managers Survey to present consistent data across more than 20 markets.
Presents case studies of wealth managers that cater to the needs of HNW individuals investing offshore.
Accompanied by an online interactive dashboard to enable users to select and view the data of their choosing.

What are the key reasons that HNW individuals invest offshore?
How do offshore investment drivers vary by country?
What examples are there of wealth managers catering to these offshore investment drivers?

Key Highlights
At a global level portfolio diversification is the top driver for HNW offshore investments, accounting for a quarter of offshore wealth. Tax efficiency and client anonymity combined are almost as important, accounting for 23.3% of HNW offshore wealth.

There is striking variation at a regional level between drivers for offshore investment. In Europe, tax efficiency and client anonymity are the predominant drivers, while in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa the drivers are more balanced.

Countries where portfolio diversification is an important driver include mature economies such as Germany and the Netherlands, where the aim of offshore investing is to boost returns, as well as less developed markets such as Brazil and India, where the aim is to mitigate risk by holding funds offshore.