Wealth in Chile: Sizing the Market Opportunity



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Part of a two-part series, Wealth in Chile: Sizing the Market Opportunity analyzes Chile's wealth and retail savings and investments markets, with a particular focus on the HNW segment. Analysis is based upon Verdict Financial's 2012 Global Wealth Managers Survey, Verdict Financial's Global Wealth Markets Analytics, and Verdict Financial's Global Retail Investments Analytics.

Size your potential client base using Verdict Financial's proprietary data, presenting the number of affluent individuals by liquid asset band to 2017.
Understand the drivers behind the growth of the affluent market, such as the wider macroeconomic environment and investment preferences.
Quantify HNW asset allocations into non-liquid assets such as property. Find out how much of their investible assets are held offshore.
Export the graphics from the dashboard, or if you are more at ease using Excel, export the data into your own worksheets.

How large is the HNW market in Chile?
What is the penetration of affluent individuals in Chile?
What is the current and future mix of asset class balances in Chile?
How much of their wealth do Chilean HNW individuals invest offshore?
Which booking centers are used by HNW individuals to invest offshore?

Key Highlights
Chile is a lucrative opportunity for wealth managers seeking to participate in the continent's 21st century growth story. Growth in the liquid assets held by the affluent Chilean population steadily declined from 7% in 2011 to 4% in 2012, rising again to 8% in 2013.

Chiles retail investments market continued to grow in 2012. In the past, the market has been driven by strong growth in fixed income investments and to a lesser extent deposits. In the next five years mutual funds will begin to play a larger role in the Chilean growth story as the local financial market continues to develop.

Chilean HNW individuals hold 22% of their investment portfolios in illiquid assets such as private equity and direct property investments. Offshore investment is high among Chilean HNW individuals, with on average only 28% of their portfolios held overseas, mostly booked in the US. Tax efficiency is the major driver of offshore investment.