UK Directors and Officers Insurance: Market Dynamics and Opportunities



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The UK directors and officers insurance market continues to be shaped by overcapacity and the resulting intense competition. Competition in the market has driven coverage to increasingly expand in recent years, but this has now reached the point where further expansion is viewed as unlikely by market insiders, with the potential exception of cyber risks.

Develop strategies to anticipate trends, take advantage of opportunities, and prepare for emerging challenges in the market.
Compare a whole market view, informed by a series of insurer interviews, against your own experience and expectations.

How has the market performed, what shape is it expected to take in the future, and how does this compare when benchmarked to your experience?
What issues are other insurers in the market most concerned by, how have you prepared for them, and may there be consequences you haven't considered?

Key Highlights
Market penetration of D&O insurance has plateaued, limiting new business growth. The core market of larger, publicly traded companies has been largely saturated, while market penetration in the smaller end of the market remains low due to a lack of awareness about the importance of D&O cover.

In order to increase the amount of new business written, insurers will need to strengthen their efforts to educate businesses and the brokers serving them about the importance of this cover.