UK Directors and Officers Insurance: Competitor Dynamics



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Overcapacity and intense competition, which have driven both expanding coverage and continually softening rates in recent years, have defined the D&O insurance market. While the largest, established carriers continue to dominate, the rapid expansion of players in the D&O market in the past 10 years has limited the volume second or third tier competitors can achieve.

Gain insight into the position of the key players and new developments, partnerships, and products emerging in the market.
See which insurers were the most selected for D&O insurance by surveyed brokers and SME businesses.

Which insurers are the top players in the D&O insurance market and what dynamics are at play in shaping the competitor landscape?
Where are insurers expected to focus in seeking to differentiate from the competition?
Which insurers did surveyed SMEs prefer to purchase D&O insurance from, and with whom do surveyed brokers place most of their D&O business?

Key Highlights
The number of carriers within the D&O space has clearly trended upward, as evidenced by interviews conducted each year by Verdict Financial. A number of experts refer to the competition one decade ago in the market as a mere handful compared to current capacity.

With margins tight in the high volume, low premium SME market and customers progressively demanding immediacy, light touch administration and high speed processes are central to sustainable insurer strategies. This makes the strength of competitors e-trading capabilities critical to determining the markets winners and losers.

An important differentiator between competitors D&O policies will continue to be to what extent they adapt to the ever-evolving regulatory environment. Policy focus on pre-investigation costs and the consequences of internal interrogations will see growing demand as deferred prosecution agreements become more common.