UK SME Insurance: Competitive Dynamics



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The SME insurance market is very competitive, with insurers battling to attract customers in these tough economic conditions. At the same time, insurers are developing their business models to suit this low cost, high volume market, where pricing competitively is essential. SMEs are also choosing from a number of different distribution channels, which again challenges an insurer's business model.

Gauge the performance of the top SME insurance underwriters in terms of their popularity with brokers placing packaged and non-packaged business.
Gain insight into the popularity of SME insurers for individual lines of business in terms of SMEs purchase preferences.

Which insurers are brokers placing the most packaged and non-packaged business with?
Which insurers are favored by SMEs in the purchase of different insurance products?
What strategies are the top players in this space following?

Key Highlights
Aviva is the number one insurer for brokers placing packaged and non-packaged SME business.

Aviva, AXA, and Allainz remain the top three SME insurers.

AXA continues to stand out as the insurer to watch according to our latest SME Insurance Survey, coming out as the top provider selected for 10 of the 13 product lines in question.