How SMEs Act: Insurance Relationships and Loyalty



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The How SMEs Act: Insurance Relationships and Loyalty dashboard offers data on the attitudes, needs, and actions of SMEs in regards to the relationships held with their insurance provider(s).

Use this interactive tool to explore results from a survey of 1,972 SMEs, enhancing your analysis of how SMEs regard insurance provider relationships.
Focus on specific SME segments, with the ability to filter results by company turnover, insurance spend, number of employees, and industry sector.

How long are SMEs of different size and industry sector staying with their existing insurance providers?
Why do SMEs that use the broker channel choose to do so, and how would they define their relationship with their brokers?

Key Highlights
Includes results from Verdict Financials 2014 SME Insurance Survey on questions concerning the level of provider switching, how SMEs view the relationship with their broker, and the importance given to receiving ongoing advice from a provider.