UK Personal Insurance: 2012 Performance Review



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Amid the continued fallout from the global economic crisis, insurers must be flexible and innovative in adjusting to the new normal, in responding to a raft of regulatory changes, and in dealing with claims issues impacting on the personal lines market. Within this environment, few insurers emerged unscathed and able to combine premium growth with combined operating ratio improvement in 2012.

Compare a whole market view, informed by a series of insurer interviews, against your own experiences and expectations of personal lines performance.
Identify the key competitors in the personal lines market and benchmark their performance against your own.

Which competitors outperfomed the market in terms of book growth and control of costs and where was this growth found?
How has the persoal lines insurance market performed and how does this compare when benchmarked to your experience?

Key Highlights
Personal lines insurance GWP contracted by 1% in 2012, a reflection of stagnant policy volumes across lines and competitive rates, most notably a softening of personal motor insurance pricing.

Aviva emerged as the only top 10 insurer by GWP to combine premium growth with COR improvement. Allianz remained consistent with healthy growth while Direct Line Group continued to drop business.