Insurance Competitor Profile: NFU Mutual



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NFU Mutual is one of the UKs leading insurance companies, and is a growing player in the commercial space. It wrote 1.2bn of gross premiums in 2013.

Learn about NFU Mutuals organizational structure and its core business segments.
Gain insight into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats NFU Mutual faces.
Assess NFU Mutuals financial performance and understand how its results are being achieved.

What is NFU Mutuals business strategy?
What are NFU Mutuals strengths and weaknesses?
What opportunities and challenges does the company face?

Key Highlights
NFU Mutual's strategy is based around selling general insurance products through a network of tied agents within the UK.

The largest proportion of NFU Mutuals business sits within commercial motor insurance; however, its total book is well balanced between commercial and private motor and commercial property and household lines.

Customer service and reputation are central to NFU Mutuals strategy.