UK Mortgage Market: Forecasts and Future Opportunities



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2013 is likely to be the strongest year for mortgages since the onset of the credit crunch. The outlook for the mortgage market is upbeat as mortgage availability is set to increase and consumer confidence slowly returns.

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What factors will impact on the supply of mortgage lending?
What factors will affect consumer demand for mortgages?
Which sectors offer the best prospects and opportunities for expansion over the next few years?
How will specialist mortgage product lines perform relative to one another?
What will be the market share of mortgage sectors and product lines over the next few years?

Key Highlights
The outlook for the residential mortgage market is considerably better than it has been over the past four years. There has been an improvement in the supply side, largely because the Funding for Lending Scheme has provided a source of cheap credit and increased providers' lending capacity.

On the demand-side, an upturn in economic growth, house price increases, and the introduction of government schemes targeted at first-time borrowers will lead to gradual improvements in consumer confidence and demand for borrowing.

The government has introduced a series of schemes to make it easier for consumers with small deposits to get onto the property ladder. The introduction of the Help to Buy and HomeBuy schemes, as well as more generous discount cap Right to Buy sales, will increase mortgage applications.