Mobile Proximity Payments: Sizing the Opportunity



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Despite a growing number of players entering the market, there is a lack of clarity as to who the consumers most likely to adopt mobile proximity payments are, and what form be it NFC or Cloud will be the most widely used. This brief provides a detailed customer segmentation of the likely early adopters of mobile proximity payments, as well as likely adopters of NFC and Cloud.

Plan your strategy by learning about key target demographics and who NFC, Cloud and mobile proximity payments in general are most likely to appeal to.
Gain an improved understanding of consumer readiness for NFC and Cloud-based services by using our unique consumer driven data models.

Which markets display the greatest consumer readiness for mobile proximity payment services?
Who is likely to show interest in mobile proximity payments as soon as they become available?
Which form of mobile proximity payment are consumers more likely to adopt: NFC or Cloud?
Who is more likely to adopt Cloud over NFC and vice versa? How old are they and how much do they earn?

Key Highlights
According to Verdict Financial's Mobile Proximity: Early Adopters model, the immediate global opportunity for mobile proximity payments is quite substantial, with 17.6% of all consumers ready to adopt any form of mobile proximity payment as soon as it becomes available.

The US displays the largest potential for the immediate uptake of mobile proximity payments by some distance, with over 32 million consumers showing a very high likelihood of adoption. South Korea and Japan also scored highly with 13.4 million and 7.2 million potential mobile proximity early adopters respectively.

NFC and Cloud show high potential adoption rates, with 19.8% and 23.3% of all consumers respectively demonstrating a high likelihood of adopting these forms of mobile proximity payment technologies as soon as they become available.