Mobile Point of Sale: One Size Does Not Fit All



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With the markets focus rapidly moving beyond its initial premise of payment acceptance and target market of micro merchants and SMEs, it is very evident that shakeout looms. Only players with a clear business case for mPOS, an established merchant or distribution base, and a strong brand and service will be left standing.

Gain a better understanding of where your company fits into the mPOS ecosystem through detailed market mapping and definitions.
Understand the potential and pitfalls of each mPOS form factor and business model.
Plan your strategy by understanding the key challenges and lessons facing the mPOS space using our objective insights.
Understand the importance of a merchant-centric service design, and why mPOS faces an uphill battle to displace established point of sale systems.
Gain insight into what Visa and MasterCard are doing to encourage and guide development within this space.

What is mPOS, and what are the different types of products and services on the market today?
How can I get mPOS to take off in my market, and how can I get merchants to adopt it?
What are the key challenges facing the mPOS market, and what can be done to tackle them?
What strategies are mPOS providers currently employing, and what key lessons do they highlight for future players?

Key Highlights
Given that most merchants already possess the systems and equipment necessary to accept core payments tools, payment providers will need to be competitive at every angle and deliver propositions that actively demonstrate where and how mobiles can enhance the physical retail space for both the merchant and the consumer.

The economics of mPOS demonstrate that players need scale and critical mass to be successful. With the opportunity in the small business space insufficient to sustain all of the players, mPOS providers are faced with little choice but to develop and expand their payment systems into wider enterprise-ready platforms.

Security remains a key differentiator between mPOS providers, and it is those that actively engage in mobile risk management and ensure that all mobile security requirements are met that will be successful.