Competitive Dynamics in the US Payment Card Market



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The saturated cards market in the US has led to issuers managing large portfolios of cards, and therefore to competition on numerous fronts for a dwindling source of income restricted by regulation. Issuers are faced with the challenge of maintaining profitable cards portfolios while remaining competitive in the saturated market.

Gain an improved understanding of the dynamics currently affecting competitors in the US cards market.
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Have the major card issuers changed market share significantly?
How are competitors in the market reacting to disruptive changes including EMV and regulations?
What are the successful strategies being used to acquire and retain customers, and why are they successful?
How can issuers in the US protect their revenue streams while maintaining attractive product portfolios?

Key Highlights
The wide range of co-brand and specialty credit cards have proved unsustainable for some small issuers. Competition will force many issuers to focus their card lines, in spite of the high earning potential of these types of cards remaining solid.

Mass market loyalty has been pared down since 2008, although premium loyalty schemes aimed at high earners are going strong. New techniques such as card-linked offers can help issuers target the mass market with schemes that can generate lasting consumer loyalty for lower costs than purely financial rewards such as cashback.

Prepaid is no longer a short-term income source. Fees have been reined in tightly by competition, and prepaid issuers will now have to compete with versatile products such as Bluebird, which is positioned as a viable alternative to a checking account. Prepaid is therefore also emerging as a threat to debit card issuers.