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The financial crisis has wrought significant changes in the Wealth Management Super League, with dramatic shifts in the rankings that existed pre-financial crisis. Here, Verdict Financial puts the world's largest wealth mangers under the microscope to examine their recent performance.

Use the competitive benchmarking of the leading wealth managers to compare performance across a number of metrics.
Examine the financial performance, key ratios, and recent strategic and competitive developments for these leading players.
Learn more about some of the industry's brightest "stars" and their strategies for success.

Which groups are the world's largest wealth managers by AUM?
How have the world's largest wealth managers fared since the financial crisis and what is their future outlook?
Which are the most exciting competitors to watch in the Wealth Management Super League?

Key Highlights
The worlds leading wealth managers have finally recovered from the financial crisis, with increases in AUM being recorded due to net inflows and investment returns. At the end of 2012, the two Swiss giants Credit Suisse and UBS together with Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and RBC were the five largest wealth managers globally by AUM.

Many wealth managers boosted their profitability in 2012, thanks mostly to an increase in revenues. However, the top three players (Bank of America, Credit Suisse, and UBS) all reduced their costs in 2012 compared to 2011. Cost-cutting was key to all three groups preventing a severe deterioration in profits as revenues declined at all three.

It is clear that huge divestments and consolidations in the market will result in a long-term improvement in profitability for wealth managers. In 2013, the market is already seeing some clear elements of this, coupled with the need to adhere to a different regulatory environment.