Super League In-Depth Analysis: HSBC



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In this in-depth analysis series Verdict Financial puts the world's largest wealth managers under the microscope to examine their recent financial performance as well as their strategies for growth and customer targeting.

Examine the financial performance and key ratios for HSBC and benchmark this competitor against other global wealth managers.
Explore HSBC's recent M&A and growth strategies and their impacts on its AUM growth and financial performance.
Learn more about HSBC's client targeting strategies and examine whether these have been successful.

What are HSBC's recent M&A and organic growth highlights?
What is HSBC's group level and wealth management unit financial performance?
Which customer markets does HSBC aim to target?
How does HSBC market and promote itself?

Key Highlights
Across its business HSBC has been exiting markets where significant economies of scale cannot be achieved. This is in line with HSBC chief executive Stuart Gullivers plans for retrenchment in non-core regions.

According to Verdict Financials Global Wealth Markets Analytics, HSBC has focused on increasing its number of offices in key inheritor countries such as the US and the UK.

In the UK HSBC Private Bank hopes to target the aging HNW individual. Verdict Financials 2013 Global Wealth Managers Survey found that 42% of the HNW population is over 65 years old in the UK, and thus HSBC Private Bank would be tapping into a lucrative client segment.