Super League In-Depth Analysis: Julius Baer



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In this in-depth analysis series Verdict Financial puts the world's largest wealth managers under the microscope to examine their recent financial performance as well as their strategies for growth and customer targeting.

Examine the financial performance and key ratios for Julius Baer and benchmark this competitor against other global wealth managers.
Explore Julius Baer's recent M&A and growth strategies and their impacts on its AUM growth and financial performance.
Learn more about Julius Baer's client targeting strategies and examine whether these have been successful.

What are Julius Baer's recent M&A and organic growth highlights?
What is Julius Baer's financial performance?
Which customer markets does Julius Baer aim to target?
How does Julius Baer market and promote itself?

Key Highlights
Julius Baer has been pushing aggressively into key growth markets, and its acquisition of Merrill Lynch IWM significantly strengthened the wealth managers foothold in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. About two thirds of the AUM gained through the acquisition stemmed from these markets.

The acquisition and integration of Merrill Lynch IWM had a negative effect on profitability in the short term. Profit after tax decreased by 26% in 2013 over the previous year. However, when excluding restructuring and integration costs profit would have increased by 19%.

Julius Baer does not specialize in a particular demographic segment beyond the HNW, in line with its increasingly global footprint, which requires it to be able to respond to diverse customer needs. However, entrepreneurs represent a considerable proportion of the bank's actual and potential client base given its geographic focus.