Super League In-Depth Analysis: UBS



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In this in-depth analysis series Verdict Financial puts the world's largest wealth managers under the microscope to examine their recent financial performance as well as their strategies for growth and customer targeting.

Examine UBS's financial performance and key ratios and benchmark these against other global wealth managers.
Explore UBS's recent M&A and growth strategies and their impact on the bank's AUM growth and financial performance.
Learn more about UBS's client targeting strategies and examine whether these have been successful.

What are UBS's recent M&A and organic growth highlights?
What is UBS's group level and wealth management unit financial performance?
Which customer markets does UBS aim to target?
How does UBS market and promote itself?

Key Highlights
UBS's wealth management unit has seen its contribution to the broader group's revenues fluctuate sharply, from over 55% in 2009 to just under 40% in 2010. The refocus of UBS Wealth Management on "traditional" wealth management business has however stabilized its contribution to around 50%.

The Global Family Office unit is a joint operation between UBS's wealth management and investment banking units, focusing on the UHNW side of the business. While efforts to increase its presence in the UHNW space have paid off, the Global Family Office unit remains relatively small and still has significant upside potential.

Mass staff departures and reputational damage led to years of underperformance in UBS's US operations. A focus on larger client portfolios and an aggressive recruitment drive have helped to significantly improve the profitability of UBS Wealth Management (Americas).