UK Personal Injury Litigation 2014



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The personal injury market landscape remains in flux approaching the one year anniversary of the sweeping changes introduced with LASPO. While it may be too early to pick out the impact of the changes on claims, case frequency fell in the final nine months of 2013. However, many challenges remain for insurers, from the continued challenge of whiplash to rising disease-related claims.

Review your strategy against both the existing and new challenges regarding personal injury claims, as well as the mooted solutions.
Benchmark against the market's experience of personal injury claims frequency and costs.

How is the personal injury claims space expected to look in the next few years, and what will be the driving forces behind this?
In what foreseen and unforeseen ways have changes in civil litigation impacted on the dynamics of the market?

Key Highlights
Difficulties in dealing with noise-induced hearing loss cases through the RTA Portal have meant that a challenge remains in insurers' costs far exceeding damages paid. There remains a claim from insurers that increasing deafness cases can be linked to a spillover from changes made in the motor claims market.

The introduction of independent medical panels is an action the government is keen to press ahead with and is therefore almost certain to form part of the solution. What remains unclear is to what extent the medical examiners expertise will be allowed to be explored in a court proceeding.

Since the ban on referral fees, the shift in business model has been a particularly difficult process for smaller claims management companies with lower scale, budget, and ability to pursue alternative means to draw business.