Household Property Claims Performance in 2013



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Insurers within the household market are still having to deal with a number of challenges within the claims arena, not just the unpredictability of the weather. This brief outlines how claims performed in 2013, which perils contributed the most to the overall costs, and the implications for household insurers.

Understand how claims performed in 2013 within the domestic property market.
Develop strategies to reduce your exposure to the high cost perils.

How did domestic property claims perform in 2013?
How did the storms at the end of 2013 affect the cost of claims for the year?
Is escape of water still the biggest peril within household claims?

Key Highlights
Unpredictable claims such as weather need to be built into pricing models or insurers will face an unprofitable book in the long term.

2013 had been a positive year for weather claims until Q4, when storms battered the UK. This was followed by flooding in Q1 2014.