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The commercial insurance market has been in critical need of profitability improvement for the past few years. After a gloomy 2012, a cautiously brighter picture emerged in 2013. Verdict Financials 2013 UK Commercial Broker Survey reflects growing optimism, but with rate predictions falling far short of double figure growth, there remains much to do.

Develop a greater sense of market conditions through broker sentiment across nine commercial insurance products.
Build a picture of where brokers are most confident in seeing rate movement from their position in the distribution chain.

How optimistic are brokers on rate increases across commercial lines in 2013?
In which lines are brokers most hopeful for rating action and what issues are holding back other markets?

Key Highlights
Brokers were more confident in rate movement within commercial motor insurance than for any other product in the 12 months from August 2013. Expectations reflect insurer sentiment that the market would see rate increases of between 6-9% in 2013.

Commercial property remains a stubborn market to unstick on rates. However, brokers were more positive than in 2012, with those expecting up to 5% growth now outnumbering those foreseeing no change.