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Verdict Financial estimates charity insurance market GWP in the UK to be between 382.2m and 392.0m in 2014, based on analysis of data from our 2014 UK SME Insurance Survey, the UK Charity Commission, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, as well as the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Gain insight into the size of the UK charity insurance market
Examine the top insurers in the charity insurance market and how charities are purchasing their insurance from them.
Analyze future growth in the market and the issues that will have an impact going forward

How has the market performed, what shape is it expected to take in the future, and how does this compare when benchmarked to your experience?
What are the key distribution channels for charity insurance and what are charities doing before purchasing their insurance cover?
What are issues that will have an impact on the market in the future and how can insurers use these to their benefit?

Key Highlights
Austerity is increasing charities' reliance on volunteers, potentially intensifying risk exposure.

Charities being contracted by local authorities is exposing them to higher risks.

Emerging risks provide an opportunity to expand cover and achieve growth.