Property Claims Performance: 2014 So Far



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The weather is the most unpredictable type of claim within the property insurance market, so it is essential insurers understand the full effect of the storms the UK experienced at the beginning of 2014. This brief examines the cost and number of claims by peril across both domestic and commercial property insurance for the first half of 2014.

Compare the performance of property claims in H1 2014 with those in H1 2013.
Understand how the performance of claims within the first half of the year will impact the profitability of the property insurance market.

How did property claims perform in H1 2014?
How much damage did the storms at the beginning of the year cost property insurers in claims?
How did the cost of claims in the first half of 2014 compare to the first half of 2013?

Key Highlights
Insurers enjoyed high profit margins in 2013 due to low claims, but are now having their profits squeezed as the effects of storms in Q1 coupled with the softening of rates seen through 2014 so far take hold.

In both domestic and commercial claims, most areas apart from those impacted by the storms saw the number of claims continue on a downward trend.